Cloud Development and Data Backup

Standing at the dawn of Web 2.0, our perspective of data and how we store it has taken a complete 360 flip. The ’90s and early 2000s saw the rise and fall of some of the most iconic data storage devices like floppy disks, CD and external hard drives. In this digital era today, they have faded from our memory completely and given way to a much more sophisticated approach for storing data – Virtual Platforms!

Advanced virtual Cloud Development and Data Backup platforms that dominate the data storage industry today leverage technology to save data, shield it from breaches, and make it accessible at all times. Modern Cloud Storage offers multiple applications a platform for storing and managing data. It’s raging fame stems from its ability to –

  • Store a massive repository of data economically
  • Limit data redundancy and replication
  • Make data-sharing effortless
  • Shield users from data loss
  • Let multiple users collaborate to make use of the data
  • Sync the stored data with multiple devices
  • Offer impeccable data disaster recovery.

Types of data backup

Cloud technology is infamous for offering fantastic data restoration. In case a system crashes or gets damaged, data can be retrieved. There are mainly three types of data backup offered by cloud technology, i.e.

Full backup: As the name says, the full backup includes copying every file, document, data, and information that is considered important. This comprehensive approach to data storage is extremely reliable as it stores the first copy and can be easily created without requiring any additional tools.

Incremental backup: The incremental backup operation is a smarter approach where the only data which has been changed after the last backup gets updated. Once a full backup is done, you may not need a full backup again after making changes to that data. You can opt for incremental backup in which the backup will detect the changes you made to the original data and only copy the changes made. This backup type saves time as only a small amount of data, or a few documents and files would be copied.

Differential backup: This type of backup also includes creating backups of only new documents or changes made to data. In this type of backup, all the documents that are made since the original full backup will be copied again.

Data is pricier than gold in today’s digital world. A data breach can incur a loss of up to $8.64 million in the US, reveals a report conducted in 2020. Advanced Cloud Development and Data Backup platform is an essential tool for industries to survive successfully in the impending digital future. It not only safeguards companies from cyberattacks but also ensures smooth operation with efficient data recovery in case they ever face a data disaster.